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Blue Ribbon Group is a digital agency that specializes in helping brands grow and gain revenue through the use of marketing tactics such as SEO and paid media.

Our Story

Blue Ribbon group started in 2019 after we saw an opportunity to help brands get to the next level. Specifically, we specialize in helping brands that make between $500k and $10 million per year.

Our team consists of experienced affiliate marketers, and they work to leverage their expertise into strategic partnerships with the eCommerce brands, which fit into a variety of niches such as health and wellness, cannabis, etc.

Our team members use their customer acquisition skill set, which has been fostered through years of experience, to achieve the goal of growing revenue and awareness for the brands we promote.

Our Expertise


Using SEO (search engine optimization), we increase our brands’ visibility, making it more likely consumers will visit their site. Not only does this acquire new customers and keep existing ones, but it results in massive revenue growth. But, making our brands easy to find is only one part in making them widely known.

Paid Media

We also use paid media to promote brand awareness, which involves external marketing tactics like targeted ads, branded content, and social media posts. While SEO makes our brands more visible, paid media further extends their reach by capturing the attention of mobile users and maximizing marketing strategies. Blue Ribbon Group is a digital agency specializing in SEO & Paid Media to help brands achieve massive revenue growth & customer acquisition. Our primary verticals include blockchain, cannabis, finance, health & wellness.

Content Marketing

We also use paid methods to promote your brand through content marketing which involves certain tactics and tricks that help the article in ranking on Google SERP which is then published on major publications which proves beneficial in the brand promotion, hence reaching a bigger & wider audience.


With all these methods like content marketing, promoting the brand on major publications and youtube promotion, we guarantee the best brand promotion for the company. This increases brand awareness & reputation extensively which in turn results in more sales of the product or service.

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